These were the 10 most adopted weight loss diets in 2020

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10 most adopted weight loss diets in 2020

Here are some weight-loss diets that remained in the highlight in 2020:

  1. Vegetarian diet: The lockdown made people more sceptical about the consumption of meat. Therefore, the vegetarian diet emerged as one of the prominent diets of 2020. A typical meal in a vegetarian diet includes any vegetable-based meal.
  2. Vegan diet: The main objective of this type of diet is to restrict the consumption of meat and dairy. It is a variation of a vegetarian diet but offers better weight loss benefits.
  3. Mediterranian diet: Inculcating eating habits from the Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy, this dit is focused on consumption of vegetables, seafood and nuts. A typical meal in this diet includes crusted salmon with salad and brown rice.
  4. DASH diet: The full form of DASH is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This kind of diet is mainly focused on the management of blood pressure levels in the body. However, it can also help manage weight along with keeping the heart-healthy and fit.
  5. Keto diet: The main purpose of a keto diet is to lose weight. It enables this by helping the body slip into a state, known as ketosis. This helps the body to make use of ketones for energy instead of glucose. The weight loss process in this type of diet is fast.
  6. Atkins diet: This kind of diet makes use of phase-based weight loss in which can consume food in an increasing amount of the carbs content in it as one phase surpasses the other.
  7. Pegan diet: As vegans fight their way to gain recognition, anther diet emerged as their competitor. This diet is called the pegan diet and is focused on the consumption of both plant-based and meat diet with an increased emphasis on meat consumption. This diet helps in weight loss by getting rid of extra fat and increasing muscle weight through protein consumption through the meat.
  8. Weight watchers diet: This diet is concerned with preparing an individual psychologically towards a healthier weight loss approach. There is a point system devised which permits or denies an individual to consume a meal if they have the number of points required to consume it.
  9. Nordic diet: Inculcating eating habits from countries such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, this type of diet is focused on consumption of healthy oil and foods rich in omega-2 fatty acids. It is also often held in similar regard to the Mediterranean diet.
  10. Intermittent fasting: This kind of diet is focused on losing weight through fasting. According to this, an individual can eat anything 5 out of 7 days a week but must fast for the remaining two. It is also often referred to as the five-two diet.