Revision Surgery


The revision surgery is one that is carried out with patients who have previously undergone a bariatric surgery and that either by gaining weight again, stopped loosing weigh or complication of the method that was used, a second or third intervention is required.

The revision surgery is an exclusive area of a bariatric surgery, since it is a reason of re-intervening a patient, after patient has been previously operated, due to the failure of the technique.

This setback can be due to several causes

Use of technique not appropriate for this patient.
Incomplete or inconvenient patient management.
Insufficient weight loss.
Excess weight loss

As cases of weight loss surgery increase, cases of revision surgery also increase.

In a revision surgery the experience of the surgeon it’s very important, the number of patients he operates per year, and having a highly specialized teams to do the surgeries.

Dr. Huacuz has extensive experience as a Bariatric Surgeon and performs Revision and Conversion Surgeries.

The Revision Procedures are:

Removal of the gastric band due to rejection.
Switching from gastric band to gastric bypass.
Switching from gastric band to gastric sleeve.
Switching from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass.
Re-adaptation of the gastric reservoir size in patients with a bypass.
Any other type of bariatric surgery depending on the particular case of the patient.

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