Gastric Band


Placement of the gastric band is a restrictive procedure only, which means that it does not produce changes in digestion or absorption. Only food is restricted to the stomach.

During the procedure, an adjustable gastric band of silicone is placed around the stomach, and a stomach reserve is left which makes it possible to limit the amount of food and reduce appetite. With this procedure you will feel more satisfied when you eat your food and this will lead to an easy loss of weight.

This surgery is one of the most modern, besides being fast and simple, with a short hospital stay and is done by laparoscopy (it is not open surgery) after the surgery is performed a liquid diet is recommended to the patient to assess the tolerance of Food after the intervention.

In about 2 years, there are results of reduction of 40 to 50% of the excess weight that the patient had, the weight is gradually lost which makes the body to better adapt to the changes and stay in the Proper weight in the long run is safer.


It is done by laparoscopy (minimal invasion)
Short hospital stay.
Is reversible.
The band is adjustable even after the operation.
It does not alter the stomach permanently.
The band can also be removed by laparoscopy.
If it fails, secondary interventions are easy.
Once operated the stomach can be studied by endoscopy or radiology.
Less risk than other weight loss techniques.
Results of loss of effective weights.

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