Gastric Sleeve


Gastric sleeve surgery is now considered a bariatric procedure of choice such as Lap Band or Gastric Bypass Surgery, as it ensures weight loss long term. The weight loss is determined by the RESTRICTIONS on the amount of food ingested and that’s because the bariatric surgeon removes 85% to 90% of the stomach by laparoscopy and creates the new form of stomach that is like a banana with approximate capacity of 2-5 ounces (60-150cc). The nerves of the stomach and the pyloric sphincter remains intact with the idea of preserving the normal functions of the stomach while reducing its capacity*. This procedure is not reversible due to anatomical changes after surgery. One of the great benefits of the Gastric Sleeve is a hormonal level from removing the fundus which is the only site with hormone receptors (activated by Ghrelin hormones) which stimulates hunger. As a result the patient has little appetite after surgery. It is something that does not occur in patients who undergo Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band. To learn more about weight loss with the aid of gastric sleeve surgery, please contact us today. *For lower BMI patients (35-42) who have complications (inadequate weight loss, band erosion, poor quality of life etc.) associated with gastric banding, Vertical Sleeve Surgery may be a good alternative.