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Getting Ready for Gastric Sleeve: The Pre-OP Diet

Over the past 7 years, gastric sleeve surgery has quickly become one of the most popular forms of weight-loss treatment in the world. In the short time since the procedure has been widely accepted in the medical community, research has clearly shown that it is less invasive, safer than, and just as effective as, longer […]
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Does Bariatric Surgery Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

One of the scariest side effects of obesity is your increased vulnerability to developing of type 2 diabetes. Of the estimated 29.1 million Americans dealing with this disease in 2012, over 90% were overweight or obese. As your body gains weight, there is added pressure to create insulin and manage proper blood sugar levels. However, […]
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How Gastric Bypass Revision Procedure Is Performed

There’s no denying that gastric bypass surgery controls your hunger and makes it easier for you to lose weight. But your stomach pouch can get stretched over time, leading to a sudden weight gain. If you don’t want your weight loss efforts to go in vain, you should go for gastric bypass revision surgery. This […]
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Change your diet with change of weather

Snuggled inside the blanket or soaking the winter sun with a cuppa hot chai or cappuccino us a must. Those honey smeared peanuts and sesame patti’s are also a must-have in this season. But as you gorge onto mouth-watering and addictive delicacies, they not only affecting your weight but also your overall health. Experts list […]
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These were the 10 most adopted weight loss diets in 2020

10 most adopted weight loss diets in 2020 Here are some weight-loss diets that remained in the highlight in 2020: Vegetarian diet: The lockdown made people more sceptical about the consumption of meat. Therefore, the vegetarian diet emerged as one of the prominent diets of 2020. A typical meal in a vegetarian diet includes any vegetable-based […]
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