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Bariatric surgery helps achieve blood pressure control

In a trial published in 2019, 100 patients with obesity and hypertension (the majority of whom did not have diabetes mellitus) were randomized to gastric bypass or medical therapy alone. Patients randomized to gastric bypass were 6 times more likely to reduce ≥30% of the total number of antihypertensive medications while maintaining controlled blood pressure […]
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Cancer Risk Drops After Bariatric Surgery

New study compares differences in cancer risk among bariatric patients. The Cancer Risk drops in half with over 20% weight-loss after bariatric surgery. We know how fatal cancer can be, cause obesity is second only to cigarette smoking as the most preventable form of cancer in the U.S. But obesity can be treated. Doing so […]
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Why choose weight-loss surgery?

Why Surgery? Obesity is a common disease in the United States and the world. When a person has severe obesity and other medical problems like heart disease and kidney disease, surgery can be the most effective treatment. Many patients with obesity have tried to treat this on their own, with diet and exercise, but more […]
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Diet Tips For Bariatric Patients

Following the post-op diet guidelines after bariatric surgery is key for long-term success. These healthy diet tips can drastically help when properly implemented into your daily meal plan. Without further ado, here are 20 healthy diet and eating tips to follow throughout your post-op life! Eat small meals, never big mealsInstead of eating large meals […]
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Bariatric Surgery Lower Risk for Liver and Heart Disease

New Study Shows Significant Drop in Liver and Heart Disease in Patients with Fatty Liver After Weight-Loss Surgery. A new Cleveland Clinic study shows that patients with obesity and advanced fatty liver disease who had bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery) significantly lowered their risk for severe liver disease and serious cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and […]
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Life After Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a disease that can be difficult to treat and is related to many other medical conditions. Treatment goes beyond a quick diet or surgery. Patients should expect to have a new lifestyle that combines healthy eating, exercise, and regular visits to healthcare providers. This approach will offer the best chance for success to […]
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