Abdominal Hernia


An abdominal hernia is a lump or bulge of an organ that is found in the abdominal cavity, through a morphologically constituted opening. Abdominal hernias are commonly located in the anterior part of the abdomen from the lower abdomen to both inguinal regions and nearby below.

There are several types of hernias and they are classified according to the location:

Hiatal hernia: An upper part of the stomach is inserted into the thorax, this is shown in the upper part of the stomach.
Hernia surgery or eventration: It is formed in people who have had some abdominal surgery and is given through the scar.
Inguinal hernia: A lump that forms in the groin, this type of hernia is more common in men and can go down into the scrotum.
Umbilical hernia: It is a bulge in the navel contour and appears when the navel muscle does not close at all.
Femoral hernia or crural hernia: It is a hernia that occurs frequently in women, and is a bulge that is located in the upper part of the thigh, exactly under the groin.

There are no apparent causes for the appearance of a hernia, sometimes they present themselves by lifting heavy things, making effort when doing the bathroom or before any exercise that increases the pressure in the abdominal area.


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Hernias can be congenital but sometimes become conspicuous after years. There are people who have a family history of hernias. Some causes could be:

Permanent cough.
Continuous constipation and push to evacuate.
Effort to urinate due to prostate enlargement.
Over weight.
Excessive exertion when lifting heavy things.

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